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How the Highway Trust Fund Bill Could Affect Your Inheritance

On July 15, the House of Representatives passed the Highway and Transportation Funding Bill of 2015, Part II (H.R. 3038) by a 312 to 119 vote. Introduced ... read more >

Form 990 Automatic Six-Month Extension and FinCEN Report 114 Change in Due Date Passed by the House and Senate

On July 28, 2015, U.S. Representative Bill Shuster (R-PA) introduced Legislation Bill H.R.3236 - Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice ... read more >

My Last Summer as a Student

With the start of my junior year approaching I was excited for the next two years to come. I knew that this summer would be my last summer as a student, ... read more >

IRS Proposed Regulations Remove Requirement to Attach a Copy of Code Sec. 83(b) Election with the Tax Return

To assist taxpayers in e-filing of individual tax returns, the IRS has issued proposed regs[1] that eliminate the requirement that taxpayers must submit ... read more >

Corporate Executive Turnover

Senior leadership is a crucial component of any company. The senior management team is typically the face of the company and is responsible for overseeing ... read more >

What Can Fiduciaries Learn From Tibble v. Edison?


By Scott Rain

The Supreme Court recently issued a decision in Tibble v. Edison International, establishing that a fiduciary has an ongoing duty under the Employee Retirement ... read more >

Turn a Sales and Use Tax Assessment into a Refund of Overpayments

Has the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue notified you of a pending sales and use tax audit? Have you ever received an assessment from the Bureau of Audits? ... read more >

Consider a Business Intelligence (BI) Solution as Part of Your ERP Implementation


By Robert Morgan

When organizations implement their ERP system, they are faced with a number of challenges. For example, the areas of data conversion and report conversion ... read more >

Will Giving America a Raise Help or Hurt? The New Overtime Pay Proposal

In 1938, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed a bill that marked a milestone for the United States' workforce. The Fair Labor Standards Act of ... read more >

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