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5 Mistakes in a Contractor Audit

Annually, most companies have an audit completed by their CPA for banking, bonding and other users of their financial statements. For most CFOs and controllers, ... read more >

What Does Your NPO Finance Committee's Agenda Look Like?

I hope the Finance Committee’s first order of business is the financial statement review. As a CPA in a public accounting firm, the primary preparation ... read more >

Business Owner - Do you work "in" your company or "on" it?

All business owners wear many hats, but where do you spend your time? Finding that balance of delegating work and doing it yourself is a challenge. However, ... read more >

Making Decisions on Facts Versus a Gut Feeling: Monitoring Capital Expenditures


By Theodore Pettko

As with any new year, the routine task of completing a budget occurs, and that sets a measure for the organization to grade itself. Budgets are set up ... read more >

Postcard from AICPA Oil & Gas Conference 2015

I typically write these articles about industry conferences to summarize all of the sessions I’ve attended. Historically, the oil & gas conference ... read more >

More Construction Companies Exploring Long-Term Budgets

As we head into the fourth quarter, everyone will be working on their 2015 budgets soon, if they haven’t already started them. Budgeting has historically ... read more >

China's Impact on Natural Gas

With the abundance of natural gas here in the United States, energy companies have been promoting the exportation of liquefied natural gas. BP last month ... read more >

Energy, Inc. Conference

I attended the Energy, Inc. conference on October 8, 2013 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. My how things changed with the natural gas industry! ... read more >

Prepare now for new revenue rules


By Theodore Pettko

New revenue rules in the accounting world are coming. The new standard’s rules are set to take effect for the period beginning after December 15, ... read more >