The Schneider Downs Automation and Data Analytics Process Team (ADAPT) offers a lineup of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data analytic services to help transform your unworkable data into actionable business insights. Below are some of the common questions our team comes across and some helpful tips when deciding if data analytics services is right for your organization. 

What industries and business functions are best suited for ADAPT?

As an agnostic technology solution, data analytics provides numerous business advantages across the board. Recent engagements include:

  • Installation and configuration of data warehouse, analytics and visualization tools into existing business processes
  • Automation of business processes using data analytic procedures
  • Implementation of custom dashboard reporting to assist in data management and communication
  • Ad hoc data analytic projects using state of the art data analysis software and procedures
  • Data readiness and best practice consulting
  • Contract risk assessment and multi-faceted analytics package designed to manage risk
  • Analytics to measure profitability and productivity of routes, drivers, day of the week and other time trends
  • Fraud monitoring and detection procedures
  • Litigation support
  • Due diligence for M&A activity



Can ADAPT provide quick and easy access to my data?

Our team provides data warehousing solutions to help you access your data with ease and to remedy inefficient systems or disaggregated systems that do not talk to each other. Security based permissions provide the appropriate employees with secure access to data at their fingertips.

Can ADAPT implement data analysis into everyday accounting or operational processes?

Our team can identify opportunities to integrate data analysis into your day-to-day, monthly, quarterly or annual closing and reporting processes to provide you with more business insights to help run your business.

Can ADAPT improve efficiency with day-to-day manual business processes?

Our team can design and implement a tailored solution to automate and streamline manual reporting, planning and data analysis processes to allow the highest and best use of each employee’s time.

Can ADAPT provide solutions for reports or data-sets that have outgrown the capabilities of standard office applications?

Our team will use state-of-the-art data analytics and big-data solutions to develop a scalable model that can grow with your business.


Can ADAPT identify sources of anomalies and unexpected results?

Our team can analyze your business to identify the root cause of abnormalities in your results.  By implementing these solutions at your company, we can create an environment for continuous monitoring, evaluating and notification of any anomalies or unexpected results in the future.

Can ADAPT evaluate the impact of certain key performance indicators (KPI’s) on our results?

Our team will examine KPI's used by you and your team to determine their relevancy to your actual performance.  Focusing on factors with a perceived, but not actual, impact on end-results can lead to inappropriate business decisions and refocus your oversight on business intelligence that matters.

Can ADAPT help to identify new relevant KPI’s for monitoring our business?

Our team will consult with key stakeholders and decision makers to discuss, design and develop solutions to track and monitor new KPI’s relevant to the end-results of your company.

Can ADAPT provide me with the foundation to execute and grow our data initiatives?

Our team will partner with you to evaluate your company’s data readiness, aid in consultation and execution of a data strategy, and we will help deploy solutions to carry you through all phases of your data journey.



Can ADAPT measure productivity of my employees?

Our team can combine HR, payroll, financial and operational data to evaluate productivity and profitability by individual project manager, sales person or other employee category.

Can ADAPT assess and monitor risks of my company?

Our team can use risk factors unique to your company and industry to design and implement a data model for identification, notification, and continuous monitoring of risk.

Can ADAPT optimize the management and utilization of my facilities?

Our team identifies opportunities for optimizing facility utilization by using data to determine maximum use of your space.

Can ADAPT predict consumer behavior?

Our team can perform trend analysis and customer segmentation through various measures including recency of purchases, frequency of purchases and overall monetary value of purchases of customers.



Can ADAPT supplement our existing reporting packages?

Our team can provide you with customized dashboards for continuous monitoring of financial transactions, operational processes and business results.

Can ADAPT communicate financial performance and metrics to large audiences?

Our team can explain business insights to your organization in visually appealing and easy to understand graphics and reports.

Can ADAPT provide a comprehensive wellness check of my current state?

Our team can provide comparative financial reporting so you can see how you stack up against past performance, target performance and performance of peers in your industry.



Can ADAPT’s solutions integrate with my existing software?

Our team uses industry-leading software that integrates directly into your systems to allow for automatic data aggregation, report running and dashboard refresh. Our technology consultants have experience integrating with multiple ERP systems and other software solutions.

Can ADAPT utilize my existing business intelligence tools?

Our team is partnered with Microsoft and Solver to deliver high-quality service, support and ongoing updates.  Our team is trained and certified in a variety of data analytic tools including Caseware IDEA, Microsoft Power BI, Solver Cloud, Alteryx and Tableau.

Can ADAPT answer the questions my company has regarding data?

Our team is comprised of individuals with a variety of experience and qualifications, including Certified Data Analysts, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Business Analysts, Solver Certified Consultants, Microsoft Power BI Certified Consultants, Power BI Black Belts and skilled employees with technology and industry experience.



About Schneider Downs Technology Advisors

Our consultants combine practical business experience with up-to-date technical options to implement cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our association with industry-leading technology companies provides our clients with the latest industry-specific, low-risk and proven solutions. Through vendor certification programs, advanced education and industry conferences, our consultants are trained and certified on the latest products and services. Our consultants bring a variety of experiences, technical knowledge and industry certifications to our clients, providing an ongoing and effective partnership.

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