Debt-free College: Is It Possible?

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2015 Federal New Markets Tax Credit Announced


By Gene Logan

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Warning! Alien Robot Approaching: What is a Robo-Advisor?

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It's Not Too Late to File Your BE-10

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From Smeal to Schneider Downs


By Karissa Febert

My Auditing Experience at Schneider Downs Where I was going to go to college was an easy decision for me. I grew up in a Penn State household, so Penn ... read more >

Big Company with a Family Feel


By Sydney Smyers

How I came to be here: I was introduced to Schneider Downs quite a while ago. My mom worked at the firm when I was young, and I was able to see the company ... read more >

EPA Assessment Finds Hydraulic Fracturing to Cause No Impact on Drinking Water

EPA assessment finds "no evidence of hydraulic fracturing activities causing widespread, systemic impact on drinking water resources in the United ... read more >