IRS Eliminates Form 8891


By John Kohler

On October 7, 2014, the IRS issued a new revenue procedure, Rev Proc. 2014-55, which eliminates the requirement to attach Form 8891 to an individual income ... read more >

Records Retention - How Long is Long Enough?


By George Adams

Clients often ask how long their companies should retain their accounting and tax records. Unfortunately, there is no simple and conclusive answer. Records ... read more >

New Accounting Guidance Requiring Consolidation of Leasing Entities

As we move closer to the end of the year and prepare for upcoming financial statement audits and reviews, it is important to remind everyone that the Financial ... read more >

Where are the Manufacturing Jobs?

U.S. manufacturers continue to be more competitive with their foreign counterparts, while production is continuing to come back to the United States. It ... read more >

Corporate Inversions - Are We There Yet?


By Mary Richter

The ball is rolling downhill and picking up speed. That’s what it has seemed like during the past six months regarding corporate inversions. From ... read more >

The Schneider Downs Car-Buying Experience


By Steven Barber

The Schneider Downs Auto Dealer Advisors will host an internal car clinic on November 19 at our Pittsburgh office. Our goal is to learn more about the ... read more >

More Construction Companies Exploring Long-Term Budgets

As we head into the fourth quarter, everyone will be working on their 2015 budgets soon, if they haven’t already started them. Budgeting has historically ... read more >

GASB 69- Government Combinations & Disposals of Government Operations


By Tracy Smith

Prior to 2013, the Government Accounting Standards Board’s (GASB) response to governments’ acquisitions, mergers and transfers of operations ... read more >