Where are the Manufacturing Jobs?

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Corporate Inversions - Are We There Yet?


By Mary Richter

The ball is rolling downhill and picking up speed. That’s what it has seemed like during the past six months regarding corporate inversions. From ... read more >

The Schneider Downs Car-Buying Experience


By Steven Barber

The Schneider Downs Auto Dealer Advisors will host an internal car clinic on November 19 at our Pittsburgh office. Our goal is to learn more about the ... read more >

More Construction Companies Exploring Long-Term Budgets

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GASB 69- Government Combinations & Disposals of Government Operations


By Tracy Smith

Prior to 2013, the Government Accounting Standards Board’s (GASB) response to governments’ acquisitions, mergers and transfers of operations ... read more >

UPMC Payroll Tax Challenge

In June of this year, the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County ruled on a dispute between the City of Pittsburgh (City) and UPMC regarding the entity’s ... read more >

A Reminder for Colleges and Universities During the Election Year - Part 2

Last week I covered a few activites that were permitted during an election year by colleges and universities. Along with permitted activites, are various ... read more >