Conversion to Accrual Basis Threatens Small Businesses


By Jennifer Antoon

The House Ways and Means Chairman David Camp (R-MI) on February 26, 2014 released the 979-page “Tax Reform Act of 2014” discussion draft. Chairman ... read more >

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Redesigns Website to Improve User Experience

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (“PADOR”) recently introduced their new and improved website. It is intended to offer improvements in ... read more >

Mobile First, Cloud First


By Bob Whalen

This is part of the vision that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has for one of the most valuable companies in the world. I have read several articles and comments ... read more >

The Internet Tax Freedom Act Extended

President Barack Obama signed federal legislation that extends the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) through December 14, 2014. The moratorium was set to ... read more >

A Reminder for Colleges and Universities During the Election Year - Part 1

In any election year, colleges and universities should review their controls and procedures for compliance with the prohibition on campaign intervention ... read more >

Beware of Tax Fraudsters During the Upcoming Busy Season


By Melanie Pantalone

In the last year, the IRS has seen an increase of IRS scams across the country. The two most common schemes have been telephone scams and phishing (an ... read more >

Ohio to Voluntarily Refund Business Tax Overpayments

On June 17, 2014 Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law Am. Sub. S.B. 263 giving the Ohio Department of Taxation the authority to quickly refund known ... read more >

Schneider Downs Invites You to Our Essentials of Expanding Internationally Seminar

Schneider Downs’ SD Global team is pleased to present our first ever Essentials of Expanding Internationally seminar at the Boat House at Confluence ... read more >