My Schneider Downs Experience


By Tyler Koch

As my internship at Schneider Downs draws to a close, I reflect on what led me to this amazing opportunity. Prior to the start of the internship recruiting ... read more >

Michigan Supreme Court Issues Decision in IBM Case

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New Streamlined Process for Applying for Tax Exemption

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Name One Thing That Americans Fear More Than Death


By Veronica Bucci

If you guessed public speaking, you are correct! Nearly 74% of Americans report that they suffer from speech anxiety. If you are a working professional ... read more >

My Journey with Schneider Downs


By Kyra Marks

Upon entering my junior year at the University of Pittsburgh, I put a lot of pressure on myself to land an internship for the summer early on in the fall ... read more >

China's Impact on Natural Gas

With the abundance of natural gas here in the United States, energy companies have been promoting the exportation of liquefied natural gas. BP last month ... read more >

Stock Option Considerations in Business Valuation

It is important to estimate the effect (if any) that outstanding stock options (call options for the purpose of this article) would have when performing ... read more >

How More Devices Can Mean Fewer Distractions

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Election of Alternative Simplified Research Credit Now Allowed on Amended Returns

The research credit is an incentive for companies conducting activities such as the design, development or improvement of products or processes in the ... read more >