Mark your calendars; the Schneider Downs 2014 Not-For-Profit Symposium is coming soon!

Exempt organizations provide the critical resources necessary to feed the hungry, care for the sick and elderly, provide shelter, educate individuals and ... read more >

Are You a Real Estate Professional?

Real Estate

By Kevin Baker

While designation as a Real Estate Professional may be only a matter of semantics in the business world, it can have very real consequences in the world ... read more >

Trust Fund Fees for Self-Insured Plans Are Due July 31


By John Kohler

Did you know that there are fees due on health insurance policies and self-insured plans used to help fund the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute ... read more >

America Gives More: The Charitable Nation


By Amy Kletch

Americans are among the most charitable people in the world. Their donations of money, food and clothing during hard times provide the means necessary ... read more >

Why the Cybersecurity Assessments?

In June of last year, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) announced the creation of the Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure ... read more >

Internships: Introduction and Experience


By Justin Bucci

How can a college student make a decision on what he or she wants to do? The answer for me was: internships. I wanted to do as many as possible to expose ... read more >

What's the Deal with Corporate Inversions?


By Mary Richter

Over the past few months, corporate inversions have been getting a lot of press. Although not new, momentum has propelled this technique into the foreground, ... read more >

My Summer Internship


By Angela DeFrank

Over the past six weeks I have been interning in the Audit Department at Schneider Downs and it has been nothing less than an amazing experience. I was ... read more >

Wanted: Qualified, Professional Drivers

Must have a valid commercial driver’s license and formal training from an accredited institution. Be prepared to commit to days at a time away from ... read more >

New Law Helps IRS Crack Down on Fraud and Tax-Related Identity Theft


By Kim Shields

As of January 2015, the IRS will be limiting the number of income tax refunds that are electronically deposited into a taxpayer's single financial ... read more >