My Diverse Background and Its Relation to Auditing

Throughout my Schneider Downs internship, I have been exposed to a variety of unique issues that arise in public accounting when serving a diverse range ... read more >

Do You Have Ten Minutes?


By Kimberly James

In the same amount of time that you can stop by Starbucks and pick up your favorite beverage, you can now earn CPE in the State of Ohio. In early June, ... read more >

IRS Offers Guidance for Deductibility of Certain Expenses for Nongrantor Trusts and Estates

Historically, it was unclear whether certain administrative costs paid by trusts and estates were deductible in full or if the expenses were only deductible ... read more >

Less Is More: FASB Launches Initiative to Simplify Accounting Standards


By Dan Nesbit

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has launched an initiative to simplify accounting standards. As part of this initiative, the FASB evaluates ... read more >

GuideStar Exchange Program


By Amy Fallon

The Internet allows users to compare and review many different things, like hotels and restaurants, on websites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor. Likewise, ... read more >

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation: What You Need to Know


By Mark Shumaker

On July 1, 2014, the rules for communicating from Canada, and with Canadian companies will change forever. These changes began on December 15, 2010, when ... read more >

The Importance of an Internship

For those of you who believe that colleges and universities prepare you for the working world, you’re not entirely correct. Though important, college ... read more >

A Postcard from the AICPA Not-for-Profit Conference

I, along with Susan Kirsch, Staci Brogan, Jay Meglich and Kim James (as well as over 1,600 other accounting professionals), recently had the opportunity ... read more >