SOC 2 Reports: Revised Trust Services Principles and Criteria

401(k) Plans

By Troy Fine

The AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee (ASEC) has recently released the revised version of the Trust Services Principles and Criteria (TSPC) ... read more >

Top 10 Tips for Considering a Service Organization Control Report


By Trudie Kozar

Recently, the AICPA published the article “Top 10 Tips for CPAs Performing a Service Organization Control (SOC) Engagement.” This inspired ... read more >

Red Flags at Your Red Roof

What is the top priority of every thriving hotel property? You got it – customer service. A good hotel manager wants to spend most of his or her ... read more >

Tangible Property Regulations within the Auto Industry


By Paul Matvey

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has been issuing guidance on how to deal with the final Tangible Property Regulations (“Regulations”) ... read more >

Labor Shortage


By Joseph Patrick

Wait – the title of this article must be wrong! Each day we are bombarded with reports on the unemployment outlook in the United States and around ... read more >

Natural Gas Prices Forecasted Through 2035

At the current rate of consumption, it is now widely agreed that the U.S. natural gas resource base could be sufficient for the next 100 years, according ... read more >

From Our Friends in Russia: Sochi and the Russian Economy

The world is watching as the 2014 Winter Olympics begin in Sochi this weekend. I asked my colleague, Chet Bowling from the Alinga Consulting Group in Moscow, ... read more >

Saving Face: The Lost Art of Human Interaction

I think we can all agree that young people do things a little differently. This statement will probably hold true for years to come, too. As a 20-something, ... read more >

A Lease Bonus Payment Is Again Held To Be Ordinary Income

A Pennsylvania attorney/CPA and his wife were assessed a tax deficiency and an accuracy-related penalty for the reported treatment of a lease bonus payment ... read more >

Not-For-Profit Entities: Change Is on the Horizon on the Recognition of Contributed Services

Last April, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2013-06 – Not-for-Profit Entities: Services ... read more >