Not-For-Profit Entities: Change Is on the Horizon on the Recognition of Contributed Services

Last April, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2013-06 – Not-for-Profit Entities: Services ... read more >

Could Your Company Be Unknowingly at Risk?

The following are two of many recent cases making the news that demonstrate that it’s not just the corporation that bears liability for corruption ... read more >

U.S. Manufacturing Employment

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The End is Near for Windows XP

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Pennsylvania's Fiscal Health is Ranked Near the Bottom

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2013 Form 990 Instructions Clarify Schedule B Special Rule Reporting


By Debra Ries

Form 990’s Schedule B, Schedule of Contributors, generally requires a tax-exempt organization to report donor information for contributions of $5,000 ... read more >

Affiliated Groups Can Elect to File Combined Returns in Michigan


By Gary Sliman

Recent Michigan tax legislation (S.B. 367 effective December 30, 2013) allows an “affiliated group” to elect to be treated as a “unitary ... read more >

SOC 2 Reporting - Help is on the Way!

Do you struggle with the Trust Services Principles and Criteria (TSPC) that are used as the basis for evaluation of controls relevant to security, availability ... read more >

Foreign Tax Account Compliance and Foreign Bank Account Reporting Updates

Update 1: Foreign Financial Institution (FFI) Registration The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released Form 8957 and instructions back in August 2013. ... read more >