Schneider Downs' Auto Dealer Advisors Attend the AICPA National Auto Dealership Conference


By Steven Barber

We have learned much from the events that have occurred in Washington DC over the past several weeks regarding the potential path that our country might ... read more >

Partial Plan Termination


By Timothy Hammer

The current economic environment continues to challenge business in maintaining an efficient operating model to stay competitive. Whether it is plant shutdowns ... read more >

Prepare for Lenders' Bias Warning Letters


By Bob Bandi

Auto dealers do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for a good reason – car loans did not cause the ... read more >

Airline Demand Helps U.S. Factory Orders Meet Estimates


By Todd Lucas

Thanks to the volatile nature of airline orders, which increased 57.7%, U.S. factory orders rose by 1.7% from August to September. Overall results were ... read more >

Can Mortgage Prepayment Penalties and Late Penalties be Deducted

Real Estate

By Kyle Hazen

When taxpayers see “penalty,” the general assumption is the expense is non-deductible. Oftentimes, when borrowers pre pay all or even a portion ... read more >

Postcard from Switzerland

I recently returned from a trip to the Alpine region of Europe. Anyone who has set foot in this area knows of its beauty. When one mentions Switzerland, ... read more >

Donor Recordkeeping and Acknowledgement

As the end of tax year 2013 fast approaches, taxpayers are projecting their 2013 tax liability and determining how much they should donate to their favorite ... read more >

Not-for-Profit Financial Statements Project Update

This is a follow-up to an Insight posted on July 1, 2013 titled “Not-for-Profit Financial Statements Project Update,” which discussed a project ... read more >

Take Advantage of Those Expiring Tax Breaks


By Dennis Mowrey

Tax legislation passed and signed into law in January, 2013 made a wide variety of tax breaks permanent, and also extended several valuable tax breaks ... read more >

Schneider Downs Sponsors the 2013 Pennsylvania Automotive Association Fall Conference


By Henry Szymanski

This past month, Henry Szymanski from our Auto Dealer Advisory Group represented Schneider Downs as a Bronze Sponsor of the 2013 Pennsylvania Automotive ... read more >