Private Company Council Approves VIE Exception


By Todd Lucas

The Private Company Council (PCC) approved a proposal that would exempt private companies from consolidating variable-interest entities (VIEs) under common-control ... read more >

What Will the Crystal Ball Reveal for 2014?


By Karlye Rowles

From devices to politicians to fashion and food, as 2013 comes to a close, predictions and forecasts are being made about what to expect in 2014. The field ... read more >

New Fiduciary Rule Not Likely Until Spring


By Todd Lucas

Investment experts say not to expect the Department of Labor's (DOL) rule on expanding the definition of a fiduciary any time before next spring. The ... read more >

FASB Continues to Deliberate Going-Concern Project


By Kurt Herdman

At its meeting on November 6, 2013, the FASB has decided to continue with the deliberations on the Proposed Accounting Standard's Update, Presentation ... read more >

Tax Planning for the 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax - Grouping of Businesses


By Ryan Broze

The implementation of the 3.8% Net Investment Income (NII) Tax should remind all individual taxpayers to revisit their tax planning and strategies previously ... read more >

Are You Personally Liable For Payroll Taxes?


By Thomas Lisak

Payroll taxes are withheld from employees’ wages by their employer, and those taxes are remitted by the employer to the various government taxing ... read more >

Schneider Downs' Auto Dealer Advisors Attend the AICPA National Auto Dealership Conference


By Steven Barber

We have learned much from the events that have occurred in Washington DC over the past several weeks regarding the potential path that our country might ... read more >

Partial Plan Termination


By Timothy Hammer

The current economic environment continues to challenge business in maintaining an efficient operating model to stay competitive. Whether it is plant shutdowns ... read more >

Prepare for Lenders' Bias Warning Letters


By Bob Bandi

Auto dealers do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for a good reason – car loans did not cause the ... read more >