2013 FASB/ISAB Joint Projects on the Horizon


By Brittany Becker

Since 2002’s Norwalk Agreement, convergence between the standards set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (U.S. GAAP) and the standards set ... read more >

Not Just for Kicks


By Joe Bruce

When the Pittsburgh Passion kicks off against the DC Divas on Saturday, April 6 at 7:00 p.m., it will mark the opening of a state-of-the-art multi-sport ... read more >

New Revenue Recognition Guidance - Sooner or Later?

With the origin of the proposed revenue recognition standard Revenue from Contracts with Customers dating back to 2002 (with significant deliberations ... read more >

Are Auditors Expected to Understand Valuation Methods and Assumptions

Auditing fair value measurements can be tricky for an auditor with no valuation experience. Nevertheless, auditors are expected to understand the valuation ... read more >

Group Activities to Use Tax Losses

The Tax Reform Act of 1986 (TRA) brought about a large decline in tax-sheltered investments by instituting section 469 of the Internal Revenue Code, now ... read more >

IRS Releases Its 2012 Data Book - Some Interesting Facts and Statistics on IRS Activities


By Ron Kramer

Each year the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) releases its Data Book, which details IRS activities during the past fiscal year. The Data Book contains many ... read more >

401(k) Lawsuits and Their Impact

401(k) Plans

By Scott Rain

In recent years, there have been a significant number of lawsuits by 401(k) plan participants against both their employers and their plan’s services ... read more >

Unrelated Business Income - Three Important Tests for Charitable Organizations

As charitable organizations look to diversify their revenue streams, they need to be aware of unrelated business income tax or UBIT. Although tax-exempt ... read more >