Ohio Supreme Court Provides Guidance on Temporary Labor

Ohio has subjected temporary employment services to sales/use tax since 1993. (O.R.C. 5739.01(JJ)) What is clearly taxable is the provision of employment ... read more >

Insider Trading Hits Close to Home

Recently, the shadow of illegal insider trading hit close to home with the recent news that Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital Partners agreed to purchase ... read more >

Planning for the Audit of Your 2012 ERISA Plans

As spring approaches, many companies are wrapping up their corporate audits and related tax returns and are beginning to focus attention on the audit of ... read more >

Not-For-Profit Mergers: An Effective Alternative For Long-Term Strategic Planning?


By Roy Lydic

Strategic planning is a crucial component of effective management and governance of not-for-profit organizations. But doing so effectively is difficult, ... read more >

Reasons to Keep Your Enterprise Software Current

Maintaining the software that runs your business is like keeping up with the scheduled maintenance for your car. We often receive those reminder letters ... read more >

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Affirms that Returnable Wooden Pallets Are Not Taxable

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has affirmed, without opinion, that returnable pallets utilized in the transport of finished paper products qualify for ... read more >

Schneider Downs Corporate Finance Releases 2012 Year in Review

The mergers and acquisitions market remained strong in 2012 despite the uncertain economic and political environments. Much of the activity, particularly ... read more >

Happenings in Ohio's Utica/Point Pleasant Shale Drilling Industry

It has been an exciting and active few years in the Ohio oil and gas industry, whether you are a landowner, driller, producer, supplier or in the professional ... read more >

Succession Planning at PNC: Lessons for Family-Owned Businesses

News outlets across the nation have announced the impending retirement of James Rohr, CEO and Chairman of PNC Financial Services Group. Effective as of ... read more >

Travel Apps


By Jason Reljac

A while back I wrote about apps on your mobile devices and how they can be productive. In the four short months since that article went live there have ... read more >