Pennsylvania's Pension Plans in Need of Reform


By Todd Lucas

As is the case with numerous pension plans these days, two Pennsylvania public pension plans are significantly underfunded. The pension plans for state ... read more >

Pennsylvania Issues Guidance on Form 1099-MISC Reporting

In July 2012, we issued an Insight that highlighted the major changes to the Pennsylvania Tax Reform Code of 1971 as a result of Governor Tom Corbett signing ... read more >

Developments Near the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff


By Ron Kramer

After a late afternoon meeting with President Obama on Thursday, December 13, House Speaker John Boehner left Washington for his home state of Ohio, seemingly ... read more >

Tales from the National Construction Industry Conference

Recently, members of the Schneider Downs Construction Industry Group attended the National Industry Conference in Las Vegas. The conference encompassed ... read more >

Postcard from Schneider Downs Annual CPE Events

Schneider Downs Alumni in Pittsburgh Cocktail Reception in Columbus In what has become an annual tradition, more than 350 clients, alumni and friends ... read more >

New Unearned Income Medicare Tax Imposed Beginning in 2013


By Mark DiPietrantonio

Under current federal law, the Medicare payroll tax only applies to wages. Beginning in 2013, a Medicare tax will, for the first time, be applied to investment ... read more >

Modification of Impact Fee for Vertical Wells

The Public Utility Commission (PUC) has modified the impact fee provision of Act 13 for vertical gas wells to exclude these wells from the three-year minimum ... read more >

FASB/IASB Revenue Recognition Update


By Ryan Deatrick

The FASB and the IASB have been formally working on a revenue recognition project since September of 2002. This joint effort culminated in an exposure ... read more >

Risk Management and Wealth Transfer - Revisiting Captive Insurance Companies

Captive Insurance companies have been around for a long time. Many folks believe that they are only used in “mega- size” organizations or certain ... read more >