Postcard from the 2012 EACUBO Pittsburgh Workshop

For the fourth consecutive year, Schneider Downs, in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Area Eastern Association of College and University Business Officers ... read more >

Getting to Know the Schneider Downs Auto Advisors


By Steven Barber

How well do you know the Schneider Downs Auto Advisory service team members and their experience and capabilities? There are a number of easy ways to get ... read more >

AICPA Proposes a Financial Reporting Framework for Privately Owned Small and Medium-Size Entities


By Donald Applegarth

Financial-reporting standards aimed at privately owned small and medium-size entities (SMEs) in the form of a proposed framework by the American Institute ... read more >

PA Provides Guidance for Deducting Section 179 Property


By Gary Sliman

Section 179 allows a taxpayer to make an election to expense eligible tangible property in the year of acquisition as opposed to capitalizing and depreciating ... read more >

IRS Hot Topics


By Dennis Mowrey

The hottest topic now is that the IRS is targeting small and medium-size businesses with substantial cash flow and Sub-Chapter S filers. A just completed ... read more >

EITC 2.0: Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program

Recently, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enacted Pennsylvania Act 85 of 2012, which created the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) Program, which ... read more >

Gift Tax Annual Exclusion to Increase in 2013

Individuals and families frustrated by the current unpredictability of the estate and gift tax laws now have one bit of certainty for the upcoming new ... read more >

Claiming a Bad-Debt Deduction for a Shareholder Loan to a Corporation


By Mark DiPietrantonio

If a shareholder's loan to a corporation becomes worthless, the debt must be considered bona fide to qualify for a bad-debt deduction [Reg. 1.166-1(c)]. ... read more >

Hurricane Sandy, I Want to Help: Is My Contribution Tax-Deductible?


By Maureen Thomas

The East Coast and parts of the Midwest have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The storm system was nearly 1,000 miles wide at times and in addition ... read more >

Should You File a Protective Refund Claim in California?

In light of a recent decision handed down by the Court of Appeal of California (the Court) regarding California’s mandated apportionment methodology, ... read more >