PIOGA 2012 Eastern Oil and Gas Conference

The Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association (“PIOGA”) held its 2012 Eastern Oil & Gas Conference and Trade Show on August 28 ... read more >

Accounting for Nonprofit Agency Transactions with Donors

Prior to entering into an activity with a donor, it is critical that the nonprofit entity understands what qualifies as an agency transaction. In order ... read more >

Current List of Countries Requiring Participation in International Boycott Released: Now Includes Iraq

On August 15, 2012, the IRS published the updated list of countries that require or may require participation in, or cooperation with, an international ... read more >

IRS Announces Procedures for Nonresident Citizen Filing of Delinquent Returns

The IRS recently announced new streamlined filing procedures for nonresident citizens who have been living overseas and were not aware of their U.S. filing ... read more >

July 2012 Manufacturing Statistics

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) publishes a monthly Report on Business, which provides key economic data on the manufacturing industry. The data ... read more >

Pennsylvania Sales Tax on Amazon.com Purchases

If you haven’t made an online purchase from Amazon.com yet this month, you might be surprised to find that Amazon is now collecting sales tax in ... read more >

Security is 2012's Top Technology Concern for CPA's


By Teresa Grady

Securing The IT environment is the top concern for AICPA members for 2012. Each year, the AICPA surveys members nationwide to delve into the core concerns ... read more >

Tighten up Controls in Your Parts Department to Deter Parts and Cash from Walking out the Back Door

Let’s face it – employees steal things! Okay, maybe it’s just the occasional pen, pencil or ream of computer paper, but sometimes it’s ... read more >

Attention Truckers - Form 2290 Highway Use Tax Return Due August 31, 2012

Yesterday, the Internal Revenue Service reminded truckers and other owners of heavy highway vehicles that, in most circumstances, their next federal highway ... read more >