Update on Congressional Tax-Cut (Hike) Legislation


By Ron Kramer

On July 25, the Senate passed the Democratic version of a measure that would extend the Bush tax cuts through 2013 on incomes up to $250,000. A last-minute ... read more >

2012 Auto Sales - What's Hot (and Profitable?)


By Matt McKinnon

Two recent Automotive News articles caught my eye—one discussing the most popular vehicle segments thus far in 2012 and another on dealers’ ... read more >

GASB Releases Long-Awaited Pension Standards


By Kimberly James

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) has issued GASB Statement Nos. 67 (Financial Reporting for Pension Plans) and 68 (Accounting and Financial ... read more >

Welcome Back to the '70s!

What do you remember about the 1970s? Having spent the entire decade of the 70’s completing my primary and secondary education, my focus was not ... read more >

Pennsylvania Tax Reform Code Changes

As part of the 2012-13 budget, Governor Tom Corbett also signed House Bill 761, which amends several sections of Pennsylvania’s Tax Reform Code of ... read more >

Join Us at the Eastern Oil & Gas Conference

The Schneider Downs Energy Group will once again serve as an exhibitor at this year’s PIOGA Eastern Oil & Gas Conference and Trade Show, which ... read more >

Perform a Business Process Review Before You Implement a New Solution


By Robert Morgan

The decision whether or not to implement a new software solution can be quite difficult. If the requirements of all the business units defined have not ... read more >