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Complying with the IIA Standards Does Not Always Equate to Statement on Excellence

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Michigan's New Corporate Income Tax Update for 2012

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DJIA to 13,000: New Normal or Another Peak?

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Six Griddles and a Waffle Maker: The Schneider Downs Diner

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Manufacturing Alert: European Union REACh Regulations Continue to Advance

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House Republicans and Senate Democrats Introduce Small Business Tax Relief Legislation


By Ron Kramer

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IRS Announces 2012 Work Plan for Tax Exempt Entities

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Marcellus Midstream Showcases Job Growth in Pittsburgh Region

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The Importance of the Internal Rate of Return Calculation in Allocating the Fair Value of a Purchased Entity

An internal rate of return (IRR) calculation can be very useful in terms of evaluating whether or not to make an investment in equipment, or even in a ... read more >