Will The Research Tax Credit Survive?

The Research Tax Credit has been a long-standing provision in the Tax Code originally introduced by the Economic Recovery Act of 1981. Since then its survival ... read more >

Spain Announces Tax Increases as Response to Larger Deficit

The victorious People’s Party (conservative party) that took over Spain’s government December 22 has announced that the county’s deficit ... read more >

Pennsylvania Intangible Drilling Cost on Oil and Gas Operators

The expansion of natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale regions of Pennsylvania has not only caught the attention of conservationists and environmentalists ... read more >

Pounding Square Pegs Into Round Holes - Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules That MRI Machines are Tangible Personal Property Upon Installation

In December 2011, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (“the Court”) issued an opinion in the case of North East Imaging Center v. Commonwealth of ... read more >

Just a Reminder: 1099 Expansion Has Been Repealed


By Martin DiGiovine

As employers prepare to send out Form 1099s for tax year 2011, they may recall hearing that the reporting requirements would be greatly expanded this year, ... read more >

Carpenters Training Center Hosts Schneider Downs Construction CPE


By Joe Bruce

On December 16, 2011, the Carpenters Training Center graciously opened its doors to Schneider Downs & Co.’s annual construction continuing professional ... read more >

Recession?...No, It May Be Financial Repression That You Are Feeling

Many economic policies of the federal government have a fairly obvious effect on the financial well-being of the citizens. Tax rates, commercial regulations ... read more >

Don't Be Fooled By Cyber Criminals Impersonating the IRS


By Ron Kramer

As tax season begins (again already!), tax accountants begin to daydream about spring fishing trips. It’s important to keep in mind that crooks like to “phish” too. Ron Kramer shares details on their latest scam.... read more >

Canadian Tax Rate Reduction Continues for 2012

The Canadian parliament passed a tax reduction plan in 2007 to gradually reduce income tax rates to boost the country’s business investment. The final stage of the federal rate reduction is effective on January 1, 2012, when the rate goes to a low of 15%, down from 22.12% in 2007.... read more >

Pennsylvania Collections on Proposed Assessments

As a result of the recession and the various federal budget cuts, many states are currently in a budget crisis, where spending exceeds collections. Pennsylvania is no exception, where spending has exceeded collections/revenues by $487 million for the first six months of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012.... read more >