PR 101 for large and small businesses


By Mark Shumaker

You may have seen Columbus Shareholder Mark Cobetto featured in Business First’s January 13, 2012, “Tax Planning and Investment Inside Report.” ... read more >

Proposed Impact of Lease Accounting Rules on Oil and Gas Companies

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has recently proposed changes to the accounting for leases. The proposed changes would have an impact energy ... read more >

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program Returns


By Nishant Patel

The IRS announced on January 9, 2012 in a news release that it will reopen the offshore voluntary disclosure initiative (OVDI) program for the third time since 2009. Nick Patel explains.... read more >

Commonwealth Sales Tax Prepayment Requirements - Another Change?

As previously reported, in June 2011, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania implemented changes requiring businesses reporting sales tax of $25,000 or more ... read more >

President Obama's State of the Union Address Calls for a Minimum Tax on the Wealthy and Multinationals


By Ron Kramer

In the State of the Union address to Congress on January 24, President Obama proposed a minimum tax for millionaires and for multinational companies on ... read more >

IRS Releases New Repair and Capitalization Regulations for 2012


By Paul Matvey

The Internal Revenue Service recently released regulations designed to reduce the uncertainties and controversies that have existed for some time regarding ... read more >

Natural Gas Market Prices and the Related Market Outlook

Natural gas prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) front-month Henry Hub futures index settled at $2.35 per million British Thermal Units (MMBtu) ... read more >

Act 32 and Distressed Municipalities

If the new withholding requirements were not challenging enough, employers may find fulfilling their responsibilities for distressed municipalities even ... read more >

Pennsylvania Employers Receive an Unwelcome Surprise on Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)


By Thomas Lisak

PA employers are learning that their Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) for 2011 is greater than they anticipated, even though the FUTA tax rate decreased ... read more >