House Approves Three Percent Withholding Repeal


By Matt McKinnon

On November 16, House members unanimously approved H.R. 674, repealing the three percent withholding requirement for federal contractors.... read more >

From $5 Million to $1 Million? Increased Gifting Opportunity May End Sooner Than Expected


By Melanie LaSota

Individuals and families who plan to make gifts in 2011 or 2012 to take advantage of the increased gift tax exclusion may need to proceed more quickly ... read more >

Pennsylvanians Required to Address Online Purchases and Unpaid Use Tax

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, in an effort to collect what it estimates as $345 million in lost tax revenue due to Internet and catalog sales ... read more >

Time is Running Out!


By Steven Barber

Cash flow is one of the most important things to consider in the world of business. Imagine buying that new lift that you need for your body shop and being ... read more >

Senate Passes Three Percent Withholding Repeal - But Changes Added


By Matt McKinnon

After moving to the floor on November 7, the Senate voted 95 to 0 yesterday to approve H.R. 674. This legislation was primarily intended to repeal the ... read more >

The Super Committee - Not Looking Quite So Super!


By Ron Kramer

With just two weeks left until its November 23 deadline to produce and vote on a debt reduction proposal, it’s looking more likely that U.S. Congress ... read more >

Smartphone Technology Prevents Man From Missing Flight

On a recent business trip to Philadelphia, I found myself in jeopardy of missing my flight back home. I didn’t have access to a printer that day, ... read more >

One Step Closer to Repeal of Three Percent Withholding

On November 7, 2011, the Senate voted 94-1 to move to the floor H.R. 674, the bill to repeal the law requiring contractors to pay 3 percent in taxes upfront, upon receipt of payment from federal agencies.... read more >

Senate Rejects Infrastructure Jobs Bill; Senate Democrats Move on to Vets Jobs Bill


By Ron Kramer

On November 3, the Senate rejected a motion to take up another piece of President’s Obama’s job bill by voting 51 to 49 on the measure. Since ... read more >

California Adopts Single-Sales Factor Regulation


By Gary Sliman

The California Franchise Tax Board has adopted a franchise and income tax regulation allowing taxpayers to use a single-sales factor for apportioning income ... read more >