IRS Terminates Use of High-Low Method for Substantiating Travel Expenses


By Christopher Dingman

The IRS is discontinuing the high-low method of substantiating treavel expenses under Internal Revenue Code Section 274(d). Chris Dingman shares details.... read more >

Ohio Enacts Tax Amnesty Program

Ohio Governor John R. Kasich signed H.B. 153 into law on June 30, 2011, authorizing a tax amnesty program for various state and local taxes including sales ... read more >

FASB and IASB to Re-expose Proposed Leasing Standard


By Charles Oshurak

The Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board met once again on July 21, 2011 and agreed to re-expose the currently proposed leasing standard for comment.... read more >

Update from the FASB/IASB Meetings


By Todd Lucas

The FASB and IASB recently met in London and discussed a variety of topics, with the primary focus being on the direction for new requirements for the impairment of those financial assets that are measured at amortized cost, leases and effective dates and transition for their four major projects (financial instruments, insurance, leases and revenue recognition).... read more >

Potential IRS Audit Issues for an Auto Dealer


By Kathleen Myers

With the IRS’s recent hiring surge, the number of small business audits will likely increase over the coming months. In light of the increased activity, ... read more >

FASB Changing Disclosures by Entities Participating in Multiemployer Pension Plans


By Donald Applegarth

On July 27, 2011, the FASB announced that it had approved revisions to the proposed Accounting Standards Update (ASU), Compensation -- Retirement Benefits -- Multiemployer Plans (Subtopic 715-80): Disclosure about an Employer’s Participation in a Multiemployer Plan.... read more >

Baseline Budgeting - The Nemesis of Deficit Reduction


By Ron Kramer

On Tuesday, July 26, House Speaker John Boehner found out that his debt proposal would cut spending far less than he originally touted.... read more >

Of Chickens and Debt Ceilings

Several months ago, I taped a picture of a chicken on my office door. Yes, I have gotten a few strange looks. Across the bird is scrawled “Don’t ... read more >

Ohio Enacts Consumer's Use Tax Amnesty Provisions

Ohio Governor John R. Kasich signed H.B. 153 into law on June 30, 2011, enacting legislation to introduce a consumer use tax amnesty program that will run from October 1, 2011 through May 1, 2013.  ... read more >