SEC Study Offers Recommendations Against Additional Section 404(b) Exemptions

Based upon requirements within Section 989G(b) of the Dodd-Frank Act, in April, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Office of the Chief ... read more >

Who Pays the Individual Income Tax in the U.S.?


By Ron Kramer

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND) has proposed a budget plan to reduce the federal deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade. Conrad’s ... read more >

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) for S Corporations


By Jason Lumpkin

Prior to 1997, S corporations could not sponsor an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) because a tax-exempt trust could not be an S corporation ... read more >

New Reporting Requirement of Health Care Costs on Form W-2


By Eytan Rosenthal

As part of the trend of increasing disclosure and transparency, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) included a new reporting ... read more >

IRS Releases Report of 2008 Corporate Tax Return Statistics


By Ron Kramer

Recently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released its report on 2008 Statistics of Income for Corporation Income Tax Returns. The report contains data ... read more >

Michigan Tax Amnesty Program

The state of Michigan will conduct a tax amnesty program for eligible taxes for periods ended on or before December 31, 2009. The program will commence ... read more >

How Can You Minimize the Impact of Rising Energy Costs on Your Business?

Over the past six months the price of oil has steadily risen to its current price of approximately $110 per barrel. Many questions have arisen related ... read more >

Pennsylvania Changes Policy Concerning Financial Security for Court Appeals

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (“Department”) issued Tax Bulletin 2011-01 concerning new procedures for filing security for court appeals. ... read more >

In Spite of a Good Jobs Report, U.S. Unemployment Rate Rises to 9%

The U.S. Department of Labor’s April 2011 Jobs Report shows employers added 244,000 jobs in April, the fastest pace in quite some time. Despite this ... read more >