PA Commonwealth Changes Sales Tax Filing and Payment Frequency

Effective June 1, 2011, businesses reporting sales tax of $25,000 or more in the third quarter of 2010 will be required to remit tax on a semimonthly basis ... read more >

Biden Begins Budget Negotiations


By Ron Kramer

On Thursday, May 5, Vice President Biden conducted his first meeting with a bipartisan congressional group aimed at cutting a deal on a framework to reduce ... read more >

Kids at Work (or is that Play?)

The halls of Schneider Downs were a bit louder and livelier than usual on April 28th, as the firm once again celebrated “Take Our Daughters and Sons ... read more >

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Rules on Sale of Air

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania (“Court”) ruled (Air-Serv Group, LLC v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, No. 459 F.R. 2008, April 14, 2011) ... read more >

1031 Exchange Tax Strategies


By Ryan Broze

The Schneider Downs Construction and Real Estate Industry Group hosted a seminar titled, “Using 1031 Exchange Tax Strategies To Defer Capital Gains ... read more >

President Obama Urges Elimination of Oil Producer Tax Breaks

President Obama, once again, is urging congressional leaders to eliminate long-term tax incentives for the oil and gas industry. He also said that he wanted ... read more >

Pennsylvania Act 32 Registration Process


By Dennis Loughran

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1063 was signed into law as Act 32 in 2008 and will be effective for all Pennsylvania counties, except Philadelphia no later than ... read more >

Manufacturing Update: Then and Now

One day about 3 years ago, I sat in a roomful of executives, accountants and economists–we were all pondering what would happen to the economy–as ... read more >