Pennsylvania Conforms to 100% Bonus Depreciation


By Gary Sliman

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (DOR) recently issued guidance in Tax Bulletin 2011-01 regarding a change in the calculation for bonus depreciation. ... read more >

February 2011 Manufacturing Index Summaries

February 2011 Manufacturing Index Summaries (as reported by the Institute for Supply Management) PMI Manufacturing continued its rapid growth in February ... read more >

January 2011 Manufacturing Index Summaries

State of Manufacturing Finding reliable and decent sources of information on manufacturing is sometimes difficult and oftentimes it takes hours to find ... read more >

Why the New 403(b)(2) Rules Are So Important to Plan Sponsors


By Lara Fuller

Originally slated to be effective beginning July 16, 2011, the new 403(b)(2) regulations regarding the disclosure of fees impacting certain retirement ... read more >

The MUSt Knows of MUS Sampling

Sample selection during audit testing can be a challenge for any auditor. Auditors most often utilize a randomly selected sample to gain comfort over their population; however, in certain situations a MUS (monetary unit sampling) methodology may produce a sample that is a better representation of the population.... read more >

Should We Fear a Government Shutdown?


By Ron Kramer

The current war over government spending among House Republicans and Senate Democrats and President Obama hints of a possible federal government shutdown ... read more >

Pennsylvania Act 32 - Implementation Alert


By Martin DiGiovine

Recently, we have received many inquiries requesting clarification of a statement made in an informational brochure by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified ... read more >

Introducing SD To Go


By Sean Smith

Announcing SD to Go, a great new way to keep in touch with Schneider Downs. We have optimized our web site to make its most popular features easy to access ... read more >

Ohio Offering Financial Incentives to Encourage Use Tax Compliance

With an estimated 380,000 Ohio businesses potentially owing use tax, Ohio is implementing a Use Tax Education Program (UTEP) aimed at small and mid-sized ... read more >

Retailers Win Round One in Colorado

A United States District Court (“Court”) has granted a preliminary injunction requested by the Direct Marketing Association (“DMA”) ... read more >