Nonprofit Recap - Fraud. It Couldn't Happen to Us. Could It?

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing timely, relevant educational outreach opportunities for our clients and friends, Schneider Downs recently ... read more >

IFRS for SMEs: International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium Entities


By Trevor Warren

In late 2009, the IFRS Board finalized a stand-alone set of authoritative accounting guidance for small and medium-sized entities. This guidance was designed ... read more >

Why Understanding Tax Expenditures is Important to You


By Ron Kramer

There has been much discussion recently about the elimination of “tax expenditures” from the Federal budget in connection with the push for ... read more >

Nonprofits and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

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How to Utilize the Depreciation Incentives: Cost Segregation Studies

A Cost Segregation Study (CSS) may allow you to utilize current and former depreciation incentives. A CSS is an analysis of all building construction and ... read more >

The Value Chain in the Supply Chain

We hear about the value chain all the time. Company executives talk about maximizing the value chain and effectively managing the supply chain. However, ... read more >

Connecting with Schneider Downs


By Karlye Rowles

Schneider Downs is using social media tools to connect with clients and friends of the firm, and to enhance and strengthen those relationships. We don’t ... read more >

PC Security Best Practices

Protecting company data residing on insecure personal computers is one of the most challenging tasks facing IT security groups today. Software and firewalls, ... read more >

Propane Tax Credit Extended Through 2011

Warehousing and business operations with propane-powered motor vehicle equipment (forklifts and tow-motors) were afforded a popular 50-cents-per-gallon ... read more >