Deadline to Claim First - Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Rapidly Approaching


By Tod Wilson

The tax credit for first-time homebuyers, as expanded and updated by The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009, will expire soon. To qualify for the credit, taxpayers have until April 30, 2010 to purchase a new home or enter into a binding contact.... read more >

Senate Sends HIRE Bill to President's Desk


By Martin DiGiovine

The U.S. Senate approved the final version of the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Bill, on March 17, 2010. The Jobs bill, as it has been ... read more >

Who Bears the Personal Federal Income Tax Burden?


By Gennaro DiBello

Gennaro DiBello shares a few intriguing tax statistics from the IRS. As 2010 shapes up to be a fascinating year with expiring tax laws and proposed legislation, it will be important to stay current on any changes that may affect you or your business.... read more >

IRS Designated Withholding Tax as Tier I Audit Issue

The IRS concerns regarding the quality of overall reporting and withholding procedures for U.S. source withholding under Section 1441 has led to the elevation of this issue to "Tier I" audit issue by the Large- and Mid-Sized Business Division (LMSB). Cynthia Hoffman provides details.... read more >

Transportation Update: Impact of PA's Proposed Budget

Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell's proposed 2010-2011 budget proposes changes that would have a significant impact on the trucking and transportation industry. Jeff Wlahofsky provides details.... read more >

Are You Ready for 401(k) Plan Fee Transparency?


By Scott Rain

“Americans should be entitled to clear and complete information on the fees taken from their hard-earned retirement savings,” says U.S. Rep. George Miller, D-Calif.), Chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee. This thinking, along with two relatively recent events, will have an impact on how plan sponsors identify and communicate 401(k) plan fees to their participants.... read more >

FIN 48 - Uncertain Tax Positions and the Internal Revenue Service

Recently, the Internal Revenue Service has released IRS Announcement 2010-09 regarding uncertain tax positions. In an attempt to improve transparency and ... read more >

Unclaimed Property Filing Requirements for 501(c)(3) Organizations

Pennsylvania’s Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Act (DAUPA) requires many different types of entities, including all nonprofit organizations, to file a report if they have unclaimed property.... read more >

403(b) Reporting Relief Clarification from the DOL


By Lauren Weddell

The DOL Employee Benefits Security Administration issued clarification on 403(b) Reporting Relief. Lauren Craig provides details.... read more >