IT Service Management: It's All in the Numbers


By Kenneth Gruber

What is the best way to evaluate continuious improvement for an IT service? Ken Gruber, CIO at Schneider Downs, provides key steps for developing a metrics program that actually works.... read more >

Supply Chain Management: What's the Weakest Link?

There’s a good chance your supply chain has been stretched and over the past two years, perhaps pulled almost to its breaking point.  Tight credit markets, sluggish consumer demand, increased material costs, and reduced inventories have forced organizations to focus on effective supply chain management in order to keep the operations running smoothly and effectively.... read more >

Waxman-Markey Bill Could Have Negative Impact on the Oil and Gas Industry

An amendment to the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 could have a devastating impact on the American oil and gas industry. Amy Kletch provides details.... read more >

Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty

Pennsylvania will offer tax amnesty for the period beginning on April 26,2010 and concluding on June 18, 2010 for all taxes administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue for unknown tax liabilities that are delinquent as of June 30, 2009. Jack Stewart provides details.... read more >

Pennsylvania Corporate Tax Update

Jack Stewart highlights several of the corporate tax changes that were implemented upon the recent passage of the Pennsylvania state budget.... read more >

Managing Your Financial Institution Relationships


By Kimberly James

Recent economic events have caused businesses to reevaluate their relationships with service providers and customers.  Financial institutions are no exception to this.  ... read more >

Dow Hits 10,000: What's the Big Deal?

As the Dow Jones Industrial Average snuck above the 10,000 level this week for the first time in more than a year, Patrick Fisher ponders the question, "What's the big deal?"... read more >

Virginia Tax Amnesty: October 7, 2009 through December 5, 2009

Amnesty is open to all taxpayers who are required to file a return or remit any tax administered or collected by the Virginia Department of Taxation. Jack Stewart of Schneider Downs explains the exceptions.... read more >

Harnessing Technology to Further Your Mission


By Teresa Grady

For cost-conscious nonprofits, it may seem like a necessary decision to postpone software investments, in order to trim your budget.  However tempting that might be, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of making this decision. ... read more >

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

With all that has transpired over the past several years, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) can no longer operate in separate silos.  Though distinct disciplines, they must be integrated with one another to be effective. ... read more >