Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

With all that has transpired over the past several years, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) can no longer operate in separate silos.  Though distinct disciplines, they must be integrated with one another to be effective. ... read more >

Financial Statements from a Surety's Perspective


By Jay Meglich

Traditionally, the basic financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows, receive the most attention from users of financial statements such as owners and lenders. A surety, on the other hand, is most interested in the contractor’s financial statement disclosures, as well as the accompanying supplementary schedules detailing contracts completed and contracts in progress.  ... read more >

Schneider Downs Makes G-20 Plans


By Sean Smith

Due to security measures surrounding the G-20 Summit, the Pittsburgh office of Schneider Downs will be operating from remote locations on September 24 and 25. Here's a rundown of our operations plan.... read more >

The Internal Revenue Service Extends Deadline for Disclosing Offshore Accounts


By Ron Kramer

Today, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a one-time extension of the deadline for special voluntary disclosures by taxpayers with unreported ... read more >

Beware of E-Mail Scam Posing as IRS Correspondence


By Mark DiPietrantonio

Beware of any email that you receive posing as correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as our firm has seen an increase in the number of these phony e-mails.  Mark DiPietrantonio explains. ... read more >

401(k) Participants Benefit From "Bottom-Up" Service and Attention

As the federal government threatens to rain down more retirement plan regulations, plan sponsors would be well advised to take preemptive action regarding ... read more >

Research and Development Tax Credits - Are You Claiming Yours?

Manufacturers whose activities consist of the development of new or improved business products or processes may be eligible for federal and/or state research ... read more >

Social Networking and the New Economy

Are your clients and business partners having conversations right under your nose? Chances are your product, service or industry is already tapping into Web 2.0, whether you are aware or not. ... read more >

Is The 'Great Recession' Over?

Wow, what a concept.  Over?  It was just one year ago this week that the U.S. government took control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Within a few days, Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and the government seized AIG.   The world equity markets recoiled at the horror of it all, and credit markets practically stopped functioning.  ... read more >

Get a Mentor

A message to recent college graduates who are entering the workplace (and anyone else who may be interested in achieving success. Tom Harvey, Director of Human Resources at Schneider Downs, offers some words of wisdom. ... read more >