Some of the Devils in the Stimulus Package Details for Businesses

The stimulus package was approved by the House and Senate on Friday (the 13th) and will be signed by President Obama tomorrow in Denver. After getting ... read more >

403(b) Regulation Compliance Extension Explained


By Scott Rain

The final 403(b) regulations require that every 403(b) plan have a written plan document that outlines the terms of the plan and the administrative responsibilities ... read more >

President Obama's Principles for Government Accountability


By Joseph Patrick

Accountability in government has been a hot topic for quite some time. We have all been waiting to see what affect the change in administrations would ... read more >

What Do We Make Of This Economy?

2008 is now behind us. To say that it has been a challenging year for all of us would be a dramatic understatement. I would like to apologize in advance ... read more >

Pricing at the Gas Pump

Gasoline suppliers have cut back on production due to the continued decrease in demand for gasoline. The price of gas at the pump continues to increase while the crude oil prices decrease.... read more >

Stimulus Package Passes House and Senate


By Ron Kramer

Friday, a jubilant House passed the stimulus bill with a vote of 246-183.... read more >

Obama Stimulus Package: Not Everything Makes the Cut

President Obama's economic stimulus bill continues to change. Here is an update.... read more >

Governor Rendell Proposes Tax on Natural Gas

Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell has proposed a new severance tax on the value of natural gas at the wellhead. ... read more >

Getting Ready to Rumble - Obama Stimulus Package

Yesterday, the Senate passed its version of the economic recovery plan by a vote of 61-37. Only three Republican Senators helped the Democrats pass the ... read more >