What's Next?

Over the last several years, business have faced many challenging problems – operationally, accounting and economically. Operationally, the costs ... read more >

FASB Pronouncement Requires Use of Fair Value Measurements


By Shawn Edwards

In December 2007, the FASB issued an accounting pronouncement that is being called the first major convergence with International Financial Reporting Standards ... read more >

Privacy Protection


By Aaron Dolan

“Opting Out” - Are you tired of telephone solicitations and junk mail promising everything from pre-approved credit cards to auto insurance ... read more >

Corporate Governance In the Government Sector


By Donald Owens

Corporate Governance In the Government Sector – Ignore, Embrace, Enhance? Is corporate governance just the latest fad for government agencies? What ... read more >

Do You Know What Your Dealership is Worth?

Just as your customers often have little idea of what their trade-ins are worth, many dealers may be in the dark about a fair selling price for their dealership. ... read more >

2009 Automatic Filing Extensions

2009 Automatic Filing Extensions for Partnerships, Trusts and Estates Reduced to Five Months The Internal Revenue Service has issued temporary regulations ... read more >

Tips for Communicating with Employees

Solicit Opinions. Employees want to have a voice in the activities of the business. Solicit their opinions. However, if you ask for their suggestions, ... read more >

501(c)(3) Organizations - Web Sites

501(c)(3) Organizations: Beware of Political Content on Your Website With the 2008 presidential election right around the corner, 501(c)(3) organizations ... read more >

Kiddie Tax is Expanded in 2008


By Ron Kramer

The “kiddie tax” has been expanded by Congress in the Small Business Act of 2007. If you have children under age 24 as of 2008, this is of ... read more >

Discussions on FRAUD should no longer be taboo!

NEW GUIDANCE JUST RELEASED! Companies must proactively address fraud risk in their organizations. Regulations such as the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines, ... read more >