Massachusetts Offers Tax Amnesty

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is offering tax amnesty once again from April 1 through May 31, 2016 for most taxes collected by the Massachusetts Department ... read more >

Housing Statistics Off to a Good Start in 2016

The housing market wrapped up a strong year in December 2015, which resulted in big boosts for some companies like Home Depot. Coming off a strong 2015, ... read more >

Open Construction Jobs Rise in February, But the News Is Not All Bad


By Todd Lucas

The shortage in skilled laborers has long been and continues to be a big concern facing the construction industry. While many parts of the country have ... read more >

New Order Activity Causes Optimism for Manufacturers

Factory activity shrank less than forecast this month as gains in new orders and production signaled that manufacturing may be stabilizing. The Institute ... read more >

West Virginia Timber Severance Tax Reestablished, Additional Severance on Coal, Natural Gas and Timber Terminated

The Governor of West Virginia signed legislation on February 29, 2016 that reestablished and imposed a severance tax of 1.50% of the gross value of timber ... read more >

Lease Accounting Updates - It Has Finally Arrived, So What Can You Do Now?


By Shane Gastecki

On February 25, 2016, Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued the long-awaited lease accounting update. The core principal of the new standard ... read more >

Foreign Financial Asset Reporting for Domestic Entities - Expansion of Form 8938

The IRS recently issued final regulations effective February 23, 2016 that provide guidance for certain domestic entities to report specified foreign assets. ... read more >

Trump Declines to Release Tax Returns Until After IRS Audit


By Michael Darpino

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has been unrestrained when attacking his fellow contenders both on and off the debate stage. It is no ... read more >

What's BEPS All About?

You may have heard about the OECD and the BEPS project. Once you get past the acronyms, you might be curious about what it all means. The OECD (Organization ... read more >