Ohio House Eliminates Governor Kasich's Proposed Tax Reform

On February 4, 2013 Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich issued his Executive Budget to the Ohio General Assembly. Governor Kasich proposed wide-ranging ... read more >

Independent Tax Tribunal v. Pennsylvania Board of Finance and Revenue

As part of his executive budget, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has proposed an initiative to create an independent tax tribunal that would replace ... read more >

Senate Votes in Favor of Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013

On May 6, 2013, the U.S. Senate voted 69 to 27 to pass Senate Bill 743, known as the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 (Act). The bill’s stated purpose ... read more >

Is Your Business Incorporated in the State of Delaware?

If your business is incorporated in Delaware or does business in the state, you may be required to file annual unclaimed property reports and remit abandoned ... read more >

Pennsylvania Bulk Sales

Businesses are reminded to comply with Pennsylvania’s bulk sale provision when transferring or selling assets. Taxpayers are required to obtain a ... read more >

"Click-Through" and "Affiliate" Nexus - What Does It All Mean?

"Click-Through" and "Affiliate" nexus: What does it mean and more importantly, how does it affect my business? Just as advancements ... read more >

Ohio's Effort to Standardize Municipal Taxes

Legislation to streamline Ohio’s municipal income tax system has been introduced in House Bill 601. The Bill is intended to provide more uniformity ... read more >

Pennsylvania Introduces Click-Through and Affiliate Nexus Legislation

Pennsylvania joins the growing number of states introducing legislation to have click-through and affiliate nexus provisions targeting remote sellers, ... read more >

Publication for West Virginia Construction Contractors Updated

The West Virginia State Tax Department recently revised Publication TSD-310, The Capital Improvement Rule: Sales and Use Tax and the Construction Trades. ... read more >