Economic Volatility Requires a Higher Level of Consideration Regarding Industry Risk

While the national and global economies remain unstable, business owners need to thoroughly evaluate where they fit in their industry in terms of risk factors when determining the value of their company. Industry risks could have either a positive or negative effect on value based on an analysis of the company’s industry risk.... read more >

The Early Bird: When to Address Closing Purchase Adjustments

Failure to address issues related to closing purchase adjustment before the execution of a transaction can lead to contention at the day(s) of reckoning, typically 30 to 60 days after the ink has dried. The nature of closing purchase adjustments vary significantly from transaction to transaction. However, as a baseline, it is typical for the parties to compare the seller’s working capital or net assets at the closing of a transaction to its working capital or net assets at a designated earlier point. Consider these steps from Marc Brdar from Schneider Downs Business Advisors.... read more >