Retired Lt. Gen. Gus Pagonis Shares Thoughts on Corporate Leadership and the Supply Chain

Gus Pagonis was the featured speaker at Schneider Downs’ “Leadership of the Supply Chain” event for transportation and logistics industry ... read more >

2010 Small Business Jobs Act - Impact on Purchasing Trucking Equipment

The recently enacted 2010 Small Business Jobs Act (2010 Act) includes a wide-ranging assortment of tax breaks and incentives for small businesses. For asset-based trucking companies, the following should provide significant tax planning opportunities in the near-term:... read more >

FedEx Receives Favorable Ruling in Recent Court Decision

The most recent federal court decision in late August is part of the ongoing battle between FedEx Ground and its drivers over the company’s classification ... read more >

How Lease Accounting Changes Affect Transportation and Logistics Companies

Do you lease your warehouses or fleets under “off balance sheet” operating leases? Are you considering new lease options as part of your strategic ... read more >

Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls to Rise/Increased Benefits of E-Z Pass

According to officials of The Pennsylvania Turnpike, Pennsylvania turnpike tolls are set to increase on January 2, 2011, by approximately 3% for E-ZPass ... read more >

Transportation Update: Impact of PA's Proposed Budget

Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell's proposed 2010-2011 budget proposes changes that would have a significant impact on the trucking and transportation industry. Jeff Wlahofsky provides details.... read more >

Fighting the Volatility of Fuel Prices: Fuel Hedging

Rivaling labor as a significant operating cost in the trucking industry are fuel costs.  With the rising price of fuel over the past two years, trucking companies have had to seek ways to offset these increases through such means as fuel surcharge programs and fuel hedging.  ... read more >

Transportation Update: More Challenges Ahead?

The trucking industry is considered by many to provide leading indicators from a macroeconomic standpoint. So what do we make of the more than 3,000 trucking bankruptcies in 2008? The startling reality is that a single item is largely responsible for many of these failures. Eugene DeFrank of Schneider Downs provides more information. ... read more >