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Phishing is one of the most common social engineering methods and attack vectors that hackers utilize to deliver malware, compromise credentials, steal sensitive data, and carry out a variety of other threats. Through phishing, attackers send email messages that appear to be legitimate, but will play on human emotions in order to force a user error. Phishing victims often get fooled into opening malicious attachments in messages, clicking on links to malicious websites, or providing sensitive data or account credentials directly to criminals.

Schneider Downs offers phishing simulation assessments that will help your organization build resilience against these types of attacks. Our customized assessments simulate real-world attacks and are conducted by our team of skilled cybersecurity professionals in a controlled and secure environment. Phishing simulations have proven to double employee awareness retention rates - and yield a near 40% ROI - versus more traditional cybersecurity training tactics, according to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

We will work closely with your team to understand your needs, culture, and perceived current state of cybersecurity awareness. With your unique needs in mind, we will craft a customized phishing simulation plan. Our phishing simulation services are offered on a subscription (monthly, quarterly or yearly) or one-time basis.

Using our proven methodology, we will execute the custom phishing simulation plan and capture results about employee actions, including whether emails were ignored, reported, opened, links accessed, attachment downloaded, etc. Users who perform risky actions will be presented with educational materials at these "teachable moments" so theyâre learning directly on the fly.

At the end of the engagement, our team will provide you with detailed analysis and feedback documenting the results of the simulated phishing campaigns. For subscription service customers, employee behavior baselines will be captured and data analytics will be available for customers to view.

Benefits of Working with Schneider Downs

  • Baseline user behaviors and track trend data
  • Effective results with âteachable momentâ training
  • Customized templates and plans to fit your needs
  • Simulate various types of phishes (malicious attachments, etc.)
  • Detailed reporting and easy-to-understand metrics
  • Support from our seasoned cybersecurity analysts on a regular basis

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