Fiduciary and Trustee Professional Services

PRIMARY CONTACT: Joel Rosenthal CPA, CVA (Pittsburgh)

Providing assistance to help fiduciaries meet their legal requirements

Our experienced team of advisors provides a comprehensive scope of accounting services for conservatorships, guardianships, estates and trusts. We have experience with a variety of Trusteeships including Super Funds and receiverships.

While each specific assignment is unique by design and purpose, our approach is consistent - identify the specific requirements for each client and provide thorough and efficient assistance to ensure the fiduciary requirements are being met in regard to appropriate accounting procedures. Whether this requires basic accounting paperwork, comprehensive financial analysis or assistance with litigation or court proceedings, the professionals at Schneider Downs Business Advisors will work closely with you and your attorney to ensure that your estate, foundation or trust is being properly managed.

In some cases, those requirements may include:

  • Detailed documentation of every transaction
  • Specialized reporting requirements
  • Asset reconciliations
  • Income/Cash verification
  • Preparation of required tax filings
  • Distributions made in accordance with applicable fiduciary documents
  • Proper execution of transactions

As a fiduciary, we respect the fundamental obligations of fiduciary duty:

The duty of management;

The duty of loyalty or preference;

The duty to account; and

The duty to disclose

For additional information, or to schedule an informational discussion, please contact Joel Rosenthal, or call 412-697-5200.

case studies

Ransomware attack halted a global manufacturer's operations.
big problem:
Ransomware attack halted a global manufacturer's operations.
big thinking:
Recover and secure the system – fast – save $1 million in ransom.
High tax burden for family-owned franchisor.
big problem:
High tax burden for family-owned franchisor.
big thinking:
Comprehensive planning for a 15% tax reduction.

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