HR Outsourcing Provider SOC 1 Case Study

Schneider Downs completed a Service Organization Control (SOC 1) report for an HR outsourcing company.

Why did you want a Service Organization Control (SOC) report?

Our company provides HR Outsourcing Services in the areas of HR Administration, Benefits, Payroll, Workers Compensation and Technology Infrastructure in a bundled solution. The SOC 1 provided to our customers evidences if the proper controls and processes are in place to ensure that their financial information, including client and employee setup, employee maintenance, payroll processing and auditing, financial and tax administration, are properly performed. The SOC 1 also provides them with assurance that their data is secure.

Why did you choose to partner with Schneider Downs for your SOC report?

We chose Schneider Downs as a partner to perform the SOC 1 Type 2 report because of their reputation and their prior working experience with our company. They have been an integral part by auditing our financials, Section 125 plans, Retirement Savings Plan, and other areas. They have provided excellent service since day one.

How long have you worked with Schneider Downs?

We have been working with Schneider Downs for various services mentioned previously since 2007.

Can you describe your experience with Schneider Downs?

We have found Schneider Downs to be an excellent partner. They are very knowledgeable and supportive in meeting all of our needs. They are very organized and attuned to meeting their deliverables on time. They are very accommodating to our schedules and work very hard to make adjustments as needed.

How has the SOC report process been beneficial to your organization?

Our SOC report process has been beneficial for our company in communicating to our customers that we strive to provide the highest level of service that we can possibly provide. It has given our clients assurance that we maintain the highest control standards with regards to the services we provide. It has also given our clients’ auditors comfort that we are maintaining an effective control environment.

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