New Beginnings

When I transferred to Indiana University of Pennsylvania my sophomore year of college to pursue my career in Human Resource Management, I was terrified. It was obvious to me that I had to start the whole college experience over. Yet again, I was the newbie who did not know where anything was and had no network of friends to stick to. I was a competitive runner all through high school and have such a strong love for it that I made the unwavering decision to try out for the track and cross country team on a collegiate level.

I will never forget my first practice that summer; walking into a room full of people who already knew each other and had strong connections was far from comforting. Everyone knew the procedures and protocols, let alone where everything was located and how it worked. I felt much more relief after I successfully earned my spot on the team following the brutal time trial.   As more time passed, I felt at ease in this new and unfamiliar place, and the teammates who were once strangers soon became my best friends. We all had a common goal: to help and support each other excel in both our academics and athletics. A place that once seemed so terrifying in the beginning became one I couldn’t imagine moving on from. So, when it was time to hang up my running shoes and put on that cap and gown, it felt daunting to realize that, once more, it was time to start over.

When I first received my acceptance letter to Schneider Downs for a Human Resource internship, I was elated and then suddenly so scared again of the unknown. While the first days of work, much like my first few days of practice, felt intimidating, I quickly settled in and began to feel more at home. One of the first observations I made was how vital the Human Resource Department is to the firm and its employees. From sitting in on departmental meetings, to learning how to use certain computer programs or how other aspects of the firm operate, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge while being an intern here. Being a management major, my experience in the more technical fields such as accounting or audit was limited, if not nonexistent. I have been able to expand my understanding of all the work that goes into these fields from interning here at Schneider Downs. Everyday I’m learning and acquiring new skills, some of which I had never even touched upon throughout college. My experience at Schneider Downs has been nothing but rewarding. I look forward to the days ahead and am confident that Schneider Downs has set me on a great path towards my career.

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