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Victoria Rogers

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Aggregation Aggravation

Do you aggregate? In layman’s terms, do you download or link your financial information to one place? You may use mint.com, or Intuit’s Quicken,
If you are age 70½ the federal government has given you a permanent gift with new legislation that may give you a break on your income tax. At that

Online Planning: Rolling the Dice

I recently read an article that suggested that you can manage your financial life using free websites in as little as three hours. Wow, imagine mapping

Bonne Année! Financial Resolutions for the New Year

Do you have a new year’s resolution? I have several, including learning French. I have downloaded Duolingo, a cool little app created by the prodigies

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The Clock is Ticking - Social Security Claiming Strategies Are Phasing Out

The shocking, big story from last week was from the U. S. Capitol. As Congress hammered out a budget deal to avoid another government shutdown, they turned

Despicable Words: Making a Budget Work for You

As a financial planner, I have the opportunity to work with folks of various socioeconomic statuses. No matter who I’m talking with, the conversation

Warning! Alien Robot Approaching: What is a Robo-Advisor?

The robot experience has percolated into most aspects of everyday life. Although it may not look like the robot from the 60s TV show Lost in Space, technology

Credit Bureau - A Cautionary Tale

Not many people know that in the far distant past, I spent five months working for a credit bureau. In those days, credit bureaus were localized and the

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