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Natasa Capuzzi

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Natasa Capuzzi | 11.6.2017

Papa John's Claims NFL is to Blame for a Poor Third Quarter

Papa John’s has been a NFL league sponsor since 2010, but the company’s founder and CEO, John Schnatter was quick to blame the league for its
Natasa Capuzzi | 8.30.2017

Deep Discount Grocery Stores on the Rise

In a difficult year for retail stores, one channel that is seeing the largest growth in shopper activity is deep discount grocery stores (not inclusive

Beware of Tax Scams this Halloween!

A CP 2000 notice issued by the IRS usually indicates that the IRS received information from a third party, such as an employer, which does not match what

Residential Land Developers and the Completed Contract Method of Accounting

Under IRC Section 460(e), taxpayers that have large home construction contracts could defer taxable income until 95% of estimated costs have been incurred.
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