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Brian Reitz

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Brian Reitz | 5.22.2019

Bad Fiduciary. What’s it Going to Cost You?

Millions. That’s what it could cost you for failing to properly execute your fiduciary responsibilities as a plan sponsor. In the first half of 2019,

Schneider Downs' Annual Manufacturers' Economic Survey

Schneider Downs’ annual Manufacturers’ Economic Survey gathers valuable insight from industry leaders throughout the region, highlighting the
Brian Reitz | 6.20.2018

Late Participant Contributions to Your Employee Benefit Plan? EBSA is Coming for You!

Contributions to employee benefit plans that are withheld from employee pay must be remitted to the plan as soon as administratively feasible. Generally,
Brian Reitz | 10.25.2017

5500 Filing Deadline -- What to do if you missed it!

If your Company sponsors a benefit plan subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), you are more than likely well aware of

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Record-High Manufacturing Optimism, Is Trump to Thank?

On March 31, 2017, National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) President and CEO, Jay Timmons, along with others from the manufacturing industry

With Oil and Gas Production Slowing, Are Your Leases Safe?

Driven by the lowest prices in more than a decade, those drillers that can afford it have pinched oil and gas production, waiting for prices to rise. But

401(k) Plan Sponsors Continue to Face Class-Action Lawsuits

This past June, a $31 million settlement was reached in a class-action lawsuit filed against Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company back in November
Brian Reitz | 1.18.2016

Holiday Bricks and Clicks

If you spent 30 minutes driving around the mall parking lot so you could pick up that last-minute holiday gift, the following statistic may not come as

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