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Kira Waugaman

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Six Tips for Writing Effective Internal Audit Reports

You’ve successfully planned and executed your audit. Now, it’s time to communicate your findings to the client, board, or committee. Here are

Part Four in a Series: Managing Risks of Technologies Emerging as Business Opportunities: Robotic Process Automation

Are you tired of sending the same email every week? How about searching for information from past audit documents? Lucky for you, a resolution for these

A Whole Lot of Wells, Not a Lot of Money

Within Pennsylvania lie masses of unplugged and abandoned oil and gas wells. While that may elicit a “so, what?” response from the general
Kira Waugaman | 10.11.2017

Who Can Answer the Retail Industry's Distress Call?

For anyone who has been following the retail industry closely during 2017, it’s common knowledge that retail, in conjunction with the restaurant

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