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Matthew Dunn

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Part of a Data Breach… Now What?

Data breaches continue to place personal information at risk on a daily basis, learn about important steps to take to protect your data from being compromised

NSA Makes Unprecedented Vulnerability Disclosure - Microsoft Vulnerability CVE-2020-0601

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday has come again and, with it, another highly publicized vulnerability, CVE-2020-0601. This week’s notification is

Questions to Ask Before Ransomware Hits Your Business

In the past, a ransomware attack would target a single computer and ask the victim for $500. But now, what we see during our own cyber-incident response

The Dichotomy of Cybersecurity in Higher Education

Cybersecurity in the higher education (Higher Ed) realm faces many challenges. Unlike corporate entities, there may be many groups outside of central IT

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Better Understanding PCI Penetration Testing Requirements

If your company takes credit cards, you may be wondering if you are required to have a penetration test. In the past, it had been voluntary, but with PCI

If Only Those Employees...

One of the most common sentiments that I come across as an information security professional is that employees are the ones making the organization less


Dan Desko contributed to this article. At Schneider Downs, many of our clients have been reaching out and asking for advice on how to deal with the recently
Geek warning: some tech knowledge required for this article – or at least willingness to look stuff up. This article was repurposed from Matt Dunn’s

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