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Analytics & Internal Audit

Hear more about how utilizing analytics and scripting will help IA increase audit coverage while increasing efficiency.

Does Your Institution Offer the Correct Number of Courses?

During this unprecedented time, navigating the uncertainty of the upcoming semesters for higher education institutions is essential for student, faculty

SOC for Supply Chains

Learn more about the benefits of a SOC report for supply chains and how it will help businesses.

Do Relocation Companies Require a SOC (System and Organization Controls) Report?

Learn more about if a relocation company should have a SOC report and how data exposure and financial risk figure into the answer.
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Eric Davis | 11.7.2019

SOC Control Optimization and Efficiencies

If you currently have a SOC examination performed, how often do you or your auditors review each control to make sure they are up to date and mitigate

0-3 and a Barbecue? Has the Steelers' Season Already Gone Down in Flames?

Like the rest of Steelers Nation, Schneider Downs was very disappointed when the Steelers could not march down the field on the last possession to win

Analytics, Projections and Cannonballs into the River

Most fans would agree that statistics and analytics are more prevalent in Major League Baseball than in any other sport, and have become especially pertinent

What Are Complementary Subservice Organization Controls And How Do They Impact SOC Reports?

Service organizations typically outsource functions such as data center hosting or transaction processing, to outside vendors, referred to as subservice
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