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M&A Activity in Pittsburgh May Indicate More Big Deals Are in the Works

The dueling announcements Thursday of Heinz’s buyout and US Airways’s merger with American Airlines has a put some big companies that have

International Buyers Seeking U.S. Companies

As the G-20 heads of state travel through Western Pennsylvania later this month, many will observe some very familiar corporate logos. Why? Because those logos represent Pennsylvania-grown, but internationally owned, companies with headquarters in Germany, Japan, the U.K. and numerous other countries.

Peter Lieberman | 1.16.2009

A New To-Do List for a Down Economy

So, the stock market is down 40%, unemployment is creeping toward 8% and commodity prices have imploded like a bad soufflé. Can anything good come

Peter Lieberman | 8.27.2008

Steelers aren't alone in needing a succession plan

The Pittsburgh Steelers recent public wrangling over how to resolve the issues surrounding their ownership structure highlights one of the most difficult

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