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Impersonation Attacks Targeting Microsoft Teams

Learn more about new cyber attacking Microsoft Teams users and what to look for so you don't fall victim to these cyber criminals who continue to attack vulnerabilities.

Ohio Unemployment Fraud Reporting Site under Attack

Learn more about the state of Ohio’s COVID-19 fraud reporting website under attack from an anonymous hacker.

Stopping Ransomware Cold: Lessons from the Front Lines

Learn more about lessons from the front lines and how we are stopping ransomware.

Virtual NFL Draft is Raising Teleconferencing Security Concerns

Learn more about the security concerns arising with the virtual NFL draft.
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Zoom ... Goes the Dynamite!

Learn more about the increased use of video conferencing/meeting tools and how Schneider Downs can help your organization perform thorough reviews of any new software.

Coronavirus Cyber Scams are on the Rise

Learn how cybercriminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic by modifying their attacks to take advantage of remote workforces.

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Securely Working from Home amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn best practices for maintaining high Cybersecurity measures while working remotely amid the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Technology Amid COVID-19

Learn more about how data analytics is being used to track and monitor COVID-19
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